Fortunity Docs


Phase 1

Macroeconomic Variables

We are first planning to expand our lineup of Forecast Markets to support a variety of the most important macroeconomic indicators, beyond just Truflation CPI indexes. We are keen to work closely with the teams at Truflation and Chainlink to support Oracle APIs for this shared purpose.

Audit & Security

To ensure the integrity of the platform, we are committed to keeping our platform secure. We want to bring peace of mind to all individuals interacting with our smart contracts.

Community Building

Community is crucial. Our concept is a radical innovation in DeFi, so we understand the importance of having a community that shares our vision and is excited to shape a brighter future in finance.

Phase 2

True Valuation Markets
We believe that the future of Forecast Markets includes not only macro but also microeconomic variables. For example, if you believe that Tesla will deliver unexpectedly high revenue growth, you can long this derivative directly on Fortunity without being exposed to their share price. This allows you to avoid the noise in markets, and trade purely on your idea.
Omnivariable AMM
As we increase support for more variable Forecast Markets, we plan to upgrade our vAMM model to support variables that range from -∞ to +∞. Although macroeconomic variables are almost always above -100, certain micro variables such as company profits can range infinitely. Our team has already drafted a model to solve this case, which we plan to refine and launch via a formal whitepaper.
Volatility Dampening
To improve the user experience further, our team is developing a mathematical model to reduce the impact of volatility on funding rate costs. Together with innovations in the vAMM design, we are striving to make Fortunity a financial masterpiece for the benefit of everyone using it.

Phase 3

TradFi Integration

By building up liquidity network effects, we aim to leverage our trader base to partner with CeFi and TradFi broker platforms to expand our ecosystem and improve the trading experience for all users. By serving as a foundation, Fortunity aims to bring our new financial infrastructure to the wider world.

Fortunity Token

Although we are yet to finalise our tokenomics model, we plan to reward stakeholders of the ecosystem fairly. Our token distribution will be crucial for incentivising LPs, investors, and other contributors to help Fortunity grow sustainably.


Ultimately, we believe in the self-sovereignty of decentralised systems on DeFi. For this reason, our goal is to empower the community to grow and govern the Fortunity ecosystem.