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Introducing Inflation-tracking Forecast Derivatives, soon-to-be launched on testnet.

What is it?

Fortunity's first Forecast Markets, launching as virtual-money smart contracts on the Polygon testnet that lets anyone experience our platform for free, worldwide.
These markets will allow anyone to trade derivatives that track US and UK Inflation. These derivatives are synthetic, and are calibrated to track Truflation's measure of US and UK CPI data every day.

Why inflation?

Inflation is hot and hundreds of millions of people are feeling the burn. Cost of living crises have crippled Europe, US, and the UK despite the efforts of their central banks. Worst of all, so many people around the world could clearly see this devastating trajectory from as early as 2020.
At Fortunity, we believe that the chaos in our economies will continue to grow, and inflation has been the clearest example in the recent years of this phenomenon.
Forecast Markets on Inflation will allow anyone to trade their beliefs on inflation directly, without being exposed to the hundreds of other factors that move asset prices.

Can forecasting be profitable?

Few people have actually looked at the accuracy of Central Banks' own forecasts of inflation. But we have, and the data says it all. Neither the Fed nor the Bank of England could accurately forecast inflation – and they have only become less accurate over the years. For the data analysed, see Historical Validation
As economic instability brews, more and more profitable opportunities are bound to open up. Soon, you can practise trading Inflation Forecast Derivatives on our virtual-money testnet release to be ahead of the curve.

How do I get started?

Check out How to Use for a beginner's guide to using our virtual-money Forecast Markets!